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Smashed, flattened, squashed or pressed it doesn't matter - it's a penny and we adore them all! Join us as we blaze an adventurous path with these collected coppers from machine locations to crafty ideas and everything in between.

Machine Map

With our map of over 3300 penny press machines. You can find a penny press in no time in just one click or search for an area like "Disneyland" and see all the penny press machines in that area.
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We have everything you need for your pressed pennies - Penny Sets, Penny Collector Books, Penny Stands. We even have More Pressed Pennies for you to add to your collection. Come check it out!

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Penny Pals

Need a new way to get a pressed penny? Become a Penny Pal. It works a lot like being a pen pal with someone with a mix of Secret Santa. Sign-up using your free pennypresses.net account (once logged in just click "Penny Pal" in the menu). At the first of the month, you will be matched with a pal and a pal will be matched to you. You then send off your pressed penny and wait for your pressed penny.
Rules Apply.

Pressed Penny Finder

Find out where that pressed penny came from with our pressed penny finder. It is super easy to use just type and whats on the penny and click search. If you have a pressed penny you would like to add you are welcome to.

Pressed Penny Finder


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